Governing body of MUCM

Board of Trustees

Dr. Robert K Lewis, Ph.D.

Dr. William H. McDonald, Ph.D.

Dr. T. Depoo, 

Dr. Techa M Williams, DDS

Board of Directors

Dr. Ramesh Sinanan, Ph.D

Dr. Sudhakar Avancha, MBBS, MBA

Dr. Bhadresh Patel, MD

Dr. Naveen Urs, MD

Mr. Zorol Barthley

ExOfficio Members

Dr. Harini Sripati

Dr. Gurpreet Sandhu

Dr. George Turner

Mrs. Sandra Ashiboe-Mensah



All Inquiries: +1-240-778-4636; +1-240-788-8081; +1-847-861-0332



Campus Office and General Info: +1-268-562-9262; Admission Inquiries: +1-268-788-4532 and +1-268-788-4482

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