Student Services At MUCM
A Vibrant Learning Environment

The student services department of the Metropolitan University College of Medicine (MUCM) leads a coordinated effort to decrease the burden on the student and to allow them to focus exclusively on their studies.

The department is dedicated to providing a warm, conducive, and supportive environment for the students to achieve their academic and career goals.

MUCM student services aim at provide for the needs of the diverse student body to make their life easier when they are away from home.

Student Services Office at MUCM has an open-door policy which helps the students to receive whatever aid required immediately.

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Academic Counseling

MUCM offers its students general and individual sessions to ensure the optimization of the student success.

  • Utilization of available academic resources

  • Adapting to the methods of learning in medical education

  • Organizational skills

  • Learning Strategies

  • Test taking skills

  • Dealing with test anxiety

  • Self-learning skills using problem-based learning

  • Faculty mentorship program

  • Peer mentoring program

Career Counseling

Career counselling is done by the faculty and clinical coordinators attached to the student services office. ​

The student will meet with student services personnel involved with career counseling at multiple key points in the course of their medical education to get the required advice.

Some of the services are:

  • Choosing the elective rotations that will enhance the student's chances of getting a residency match in the field of their interest.

  • Helping the student decide on a field of specialty by taking into consideration personal preferences, abilities and affinities, training requirements, and work-life balance.

  • Assistance student in the process of applying for the residency program.

  • Residency interview counseling

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Health Services And Student Wellbeing

Physical and emotional wellbeing is an important component for the students’ successful completion of medical education. 

All MUCM students should have a valid mandatory health insurance policy. Students on Antigua campus will have to enroll into the local health insurance policy provided by the University*. Students in USA or India, rotating in the University-affiliated hospitals, will either get a policy from their preferred provider or will obtain a policy from the University-approved providers.

Stress management and counselling are provided to the students both on a generalized and on an individualized basis. We at MUCM understand the stress undergone by the medical students and try our best to keep it to a minimum. Suitable measures are taken to provide adequate support to an internationally diverse student population.

Personal Counseling

Medical school can be overwhelming at times, especially when balancing it with extracurricular activities, family, and other commitments. 

Confidentiality regarding the personal counseling sessions would be maintained unless given expressed permission from the student or required by law to disclose. 

Conflict resolution services are also offered to the students by the Student Services. This can also include acting as mediators in disputes between students themselves, or between students and other people.

Personal counseling is inclusive of grief counseling, crisis counseling, relationship counseling, and depression and anxiety counseling.

Psychiatrists and physicians qualified in these areas who are affiliated with the University are always ready to assist our students.

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Financial Aid Counseling

Student Services offers financial aid counselling to MUCM students to ensure continuation and completion of their medical education.

Payment Plans:

MUCM offers payment plans that allow students to pay their tuition in manageable installments. Please contact the Student Services Department for creating a plan that is suitable to your needs.

Scholarship Program:

MUCM offers merit-based and need-based scholarships to its students. It will be done through a case-by-case basis deliberation by the scholarship committee.

Concurrent Degree Programs:

Currently, MUCM has affiliation with Walden University, through which MUCM offers concurrent degree program.

Walden University allows the student to apply for financial funding which is granted according to the eligibility guidelines, policies, and procedures of the Walden University.

Housing And Other Support Services

Housing Assistance:


  • Housing options through reliable real estate agents.

  • Advising students in matters of signing a lease agreement with the house owners

  • Acting as a mediator between student and house owner if there are any issues that could not be resolved by the students themselves


  • Free airport shuttle for the students at the start of the semester and at the end of the semester

  • Arranging daily transportation to the college


Island Support Services:


  • Providing information and support regarding the island life 

  • Information regarding recreational activities

  • Guidance in choosing appropriate banking facilities, car rental agencies, grocery stores, and restaurants when required.

  • Orientation package contains information regarding the above activities.

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